Common Councillor Liaison Scheme

Farringdon Without is the largest ward in the City.  Your team comprises myself as Alderman with a team of 10 Common Councillors.  We all represents all our constituents and you can, of course, contact whomsoever you please in connection with ward and other matters.  Equally, ward councillors are unrestricted in the matters they wish to take up on behalf of their constituents.

However,  in order to assist in day to day efficiency we have sought to put in a new system of liaison where individual Common Councillors have identified responsibilities.    This is intend to create an efficient working relationship and ensure that the liaison councillor where appropriate to communicate issues speedily to the rest of your ward representatives.  As your ward Alderman, I will be receiving regular updates from the Common Councillor liaison. If you are a member of a group (e.g. business or residents’ association, or community group) and you feel you might benefit from having a Common Councillor liaison relationship please do not hesitate to contact me.

Click on the sub headings below for the various Common Councillor liaison officers.