Churches in My Ward

The Ward of Farringdon Without is the home to a number of wonderful and very historic places of worship.   Not only do these churches provide important place of calm for reflection but each has its own special character and community mission. The different churches within the ward cover a diversity of religious traditions within the Anglican church.  I intend to have a short feature on each of the churches on this web site.

Some of the Ward churches such as, St Andrew Holborn and St Dunstan’s-in-the West are so-called Guild Churches.  After the Second World War these churches ceased to be Parish churches and were reconstituted by the City of London Guild Churches Act  1952 (as later amended).  This meant that they were to  be church2in the charge of a clerk in holy orders who in addition to his fitness to minister to the non-resident population of the city should also possess special qualifications in scholarship preaching pastoral work or administration or other particular qualifications which render him suitable to offer specialised ministrations or services under lawful authority elsewhere.

The Temple Church is  extra-diocesan.  That means it is outside the control of the diocese of London.  Under canon law it is called a  ‘peculiar’.

St Sepulchre-without-Newgate or St. Sepulchre’s is today the largest parish church in the City of London.

Situated to the north of the Ward is the Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great, sometimes abbreviated to Great St Bart’s. The building was originally founded as a Priory in 1123 and adjoins St Bartholomew’s Hospital of the same foundation. neighbouring St Bartholomew the Less is  the church of St Bartholomew’s Hospital  within the ancient hospital precincts and is administered by the same Rector.