I am a barrister in full time practice at the bar at Francis Taylor Building Temple  Since 2013 I have been one of the elected common councilman (independent) of  Farringdon Without – a ward which take in the Temple.  My ward updates are on my Common Councilman web site gregoryjonescc.net – google ‘gregoryjonescc’  I campaigned in 2013 on the basis that it’s important to have representation by those who work in the ward they represent.  Emma Price CC is our other practicing barrister in the ward.   This Barristers’ update is in hard copy because the news relates to matters which I know have been a source of great concern to workers and residents in the Temple.


Many will be aware of the difficulties caused by Tudor Street – New Bridge Street junction created by TFL for the “cycle super highway”.  Earlier this year I helped lead a campaign on behalf of the Temple and other road users including cyclists to return the current arrangements.  With the support of other common councilman, including our colleagues from Smithfield (Paul Martinelli, George Abrahams, John Absalom Greg Lawrence) and Barts (Wendy Mead) to get the whole of Common Council to overturn a City resolution support TFL.  This had never been done before. We used a measure inserted by Edward Lord CC.  As part of this work I have been elected to the streets and highways committee.  This week the committee Chair announced that agreement in principle had been reached with TFL, the Inns and the City so that the vehicles would be able to egress from Tudor Street controlled by traffic lights turning left and right onto New Bridge Street.  Bridewell Street is to be returned to one way with ingress.  Oliver Sells QC of the Inner Temple Estates’ Committee has welcomed the progress but we all agree there are still issues that need to be overcome but this progress represent a great victory for the ward.  It is critical that users of “cycle super highway” as well as pedestrian are safe. We are currently considering ways in which to reduce pollution and make getting across the City cleaner and more accessible to all.  Suggestions are always welcome!


Following the consultation on proposed City works to narrow Fleet Street, there was real concern expressed by traders, barristers’ chambers and Middle Temple, in particular, about possible impacts.  I have raised these concerns with the chair of planning and I am pleased to say as matters stands these proposals are not currently being progressed. 


Barristers are very busy.  Those in chambers within the City do however get a vote and a voice in the City elections.  We were able to use that voice over Tudor Street and Fleet Street.  There will be other issues that concern the well brings of the Bar. It is a good idea to register with the city for as postal vote see


Gregory Jones QC, Francis Taylor Building, Temple 0207 353 8415 or gregpjones@btopenworld.com

Deputy Chair of Benefices sub committee

I was delighted to have been elected deputy chair of the Benefices Sub Committee which considers matters relating to the City’s obligations for its various Benefices (i.e. churches of which the city is a Patron) . It reports in to the Culture, Heritage and Libraries Committee.  In the evening,  I attended an organ recital by future Lord Mayor of London Alderman Dr Andrew Parmley at  St George the Martyr – one of our benefice churches for which I have particular responsibility. A  most enjoyable evening introduced by the Bishop of Southwark.

Judge’s Dinner at the Mansion House

I attended the City’s dinner for HM Judges held at the Mansion House on 8 July, 2016.  The Lord Mayor in the presence of Justice Secretary Michael Give expressed the view that the city of London wanted to stay in the EU – and was greeted by much cheering.  The Lord Chief Justice suggested that given that the courts could no longer expect to be assisted by advocates skilled in the criminal common law that the time had come to codify criminal law.  One cannot help but reflect on the irony were England & Wales to adopt a quasi Napoleonic code at a time of Brexit. See Lord Chief’s speech in full at https://www.judiciary.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/speech-lcj-mansion-house-2015.pdf


The Mansion House

Thanksgiving Service for HM Queen

I was pleased to attend the thanksgiving service at St Paul’s  for HM the Queen 90th birthday.  Delighted to meet Baroness Celia Thomas at the Guildhall reception.

Gregory Jones Objects to New Bridge Street Experimental Road Orders

With local resident Baroness Butler -Sloss
With local resident Baroness Butler -Sloss

I have sent my objections to the proposed experimental road order off new Bridge Street (see below).  The Inns of Court have instructed highways experts Vectos who have sent a compelling letter of objection dated 6 June 2016 with which I agree.   Although the formal consultation period has just closed I would encourage anyone who objects to the proposals  to make their views know to TFL by emailing IonutStafie@tfl.gov.uk


Your Ref: RSM/PI/STOT.TRO. to1.GLA/2016/324-5

Dear Sir,





I am writing in my capacity as one of the ward members for Farringdon Without to object to the proposed temporary orders.  The Temple sits in my ward and is deeply affected by the proposed orders. I have read the letter (attached hereto) sent by highways experts Vectos on behalf of Richard Snowdon of Inner Temple  dated 6 June 2016.  I adopt in their entirety the grounds for objection without repeating them.

The current arrangements put in place by TFL in respect of Tudor Street and Bridewell Place appear to be highly dangerous and I have yet to see a proper safety audit having been carried out by TFL for the current arrangements. I draw your attention to the Court of Appeal’s decision in KanevNew Forest District Council [2002] 1 WLR 312 in respect of TFL’s potential liability for any accident that might occur.  I have copied this letter to Lucy Godfrey, Portfolio Sponsor, but please draw this to the attention of your appropriate colleagues

Yours ever,


Gregory Jones QC

Also called to the bars of Northern Ireland and Ireland 


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For clients based in the North of England consultations can be arranged at KBW Chambers, Leeds, where Gregory is an Associate Tenant   


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City of London’s Old Bailey Hosts Final of the Kingsland Mooting Cup

Yesterday evening (7 June 2016) the Old Bailey played host to the final of the Kingsland Student Mooting Cup organised by barristers’ chambers FTB, Francis Taylor Building.   Held in the famous No1 Court by permission of the Recorder of London, HH Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC, the final was judged by Lord Kerr of the UK Supreme Court.  The audience included barristers from FTB, Lord Justice Lindblom, HH Judge Wendy Joseph, HH Judge Hone, City Solicitors Tim Smith of BLP and Stuart Andrews of Evershedscropped-justice.jpg. In recognition of the EU referendum, this year’s moot required the participants to address some of the problems that might arise from a vote in favour of Brexit.  The moot was  judged by Lord Kerr of the UK Supreme Court.

“The standard of the mooters was exceptional.  I have no doubt they will all in due course appear, if not preside over the Supreme Court.” said Lord Kerr.

This year all the finalists were BPTC students at BPP law school.  Esther Drabkin-Reiter and Ryan Ferro narrowly beat Thomas Schlee and Christopher Fleming.

The 2016 winners of the Kingsland Cup with Lord Kerr at the Old Bailey
The 2016 winners of the Kingsland Cup with Lord Kerr at the Old Bailey

The winners were presented with cheques and the Cup.  All  finalists received mini pupillages and copies of The Habitats Directive; A Developer’s Obstacle Course?

Further Tudor Street Press Coverage

The battle to prevent closure of Tudor Street has received further news coverage – although the photograph in the article shows  Lincoln’s Inn which unlike Middle and Inner Temple Inns is not directly affected by the proposed closure.

Battle against road closure

no_obstructionOver the past few weeks, I’ve been involved in a battle with Transport for London regarding a road closure. An article on the issue appeared in CityAM