Temple Church

Temple ChurchTemple Church is a late 12th-century church in the City of London located between Fleet Street and the River Thames, built by the Knights Templar as their English headquarters. Located between Fleet Street and the River Thames  it was built by the  Knights Templars as their English headquarters. During the reign of King John (1199–1216) it served as the royal treasury, supported by the role of the Knights Templars as proto-international bankers. It is jointly owned by the Inner Temple and Middle Temple Inns of Court.  bases of the English legal profession. It is round church, a common design feature for Knights Templar churches, and for its 13th and 14th century stone effigies. It was heavily damaged by German bombing during the second world war and has since been greatly restored and rebuilt.

While writing the score for  Interstellar, film composer Hans Zimmer chose the Temple Church to be the location for the recording of the parts of the score that included an organ. The Church’s organist Roger Sayer played the organ, while a large orchestra played throughout the churchZimmer is quoted saying that “Setting foot into Temple Church is like stepping into profound history…Temple Church houses one of the most magnificent organs in the world.”

The church offers regular choral music performances and organ recitals.  The Temple Church has always been a Peculiar (but not a Royal Peculiar), due to which the choristers have the privilege of wearing scarlet cassocks. Debate exists regarding the relationship of its status as Crown Subject and Peculiar. Relations with the Bishop of London Bishop are very good and he regularly attends events and services at the Temple Church.