Aldermanic Election Result

With supporters outside the Pegasus Polling Station

Dear Fellow Elector,

Thank you for electing me as Alderman for the Ward of Farringdon Without just under two weeks ago and for giving me such a clear mandate. For those who haven’t seen the full results yet, the votes cast were:

Dr Helen Carr 26
Robert Hughes-Penney 98
Gregory Jones 443

I thank both Helen and Robert for a clean and very hard fought election.

In seeking election as Alderman, I was clear that I wanted to be a visible and active figure in the Ward leading our team of City Councillors representing you, our electors.

On March 23rd, you will be asked to vote again; this time to elect the ten Councillors who will be your voice on issues like planning, air quality, transport, congestion, and open spaces.  This is a very important election in forming the team for our ward which you have elected me to lead.

I was fortunate to have the active support of my campaign committee.  I understand some of my supporters are considering standing or seeking re-election for Common Council for our ward.

It is has been a tradition that the Alderman of the ward usually acts as returning officer for his or her ward in the common council elections.  Given the proximity of the two elections and my close involvement with my own supporters who will now be likely candidates for common council I have already taken the very clear view that it would not be appropriate for me to serve as the returning officer for our ward.    Accordingly, my first act upon election was to write to the Town Clerk recuseing myself from service as returning officer in this ward.  The office of the Town Clerk has accepted my position.  I will not act as returning officer for the ward of Farringdon Without



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