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Dear Fellow Elector,

You may by now have realised that it is election time in our Ward of Farringdon Without, with a poll for Alderman on Wednesday 8 February, followed by the general election of other councillors on Thursday 23 March.

I have been encouraged by colleagues at the Bar and by fellow City councillors to stand for election as Alderman and I hope I will enjoy your support.   We anticipate that not only will I be the only practising barrister standing for Alderman, but also the only candidate who either lives or works in the Ward.

Historically, Alderman were often grandees who were generally absent from their Ward, merely seeing the office as a stepping stone on the way to being Lord Mayor of London.  In the last 20 years that has changed, and I believe that the Alderman should fulfil the proper role of a modern accountable local representative, leading their team of Common Councilmen for the benefit of those who live and work in the area.

Our ward is unique within the City of London.  As the largest of the 25 wards, Farringdon Without possesses a diversity of trades and professions greater than any other part of the City of London. Farringdon Without is a village community in the City and it is stronger together.  Since my own election as a Common Councilman for this area almost four years ago, I have become convinced that the ward’s interests need to be actively represented by a modern accountable Alderman who can unite and provide leadership to our 10 Councilman in the City. I will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of our residents, the meat traders at Smithfield; healthcare professionals at Barts; traders at the Silver Vaults; retailers, publishers, high quality niche banks and consultancy businesses; as well as the barristers and solicitors throughout the Ward.

Since 2013, I have led the fight on issues that have directly affected local residents and businesses within the ward, such as the successful campaign to reverse the restrictions on vehicular access to the Temple via Tudor Street; and resisting the narrowing of Fleet Street.  Both were matters threatened the well being of local businesses.

Other local issues on which I have recently taken action include me getting the City Corporation to pressurise the Fetter Lane developers to pay for repairs to the road to the Rolls Building and ensuring more robust action was taken to protect local residents from construction noise and dust. I helped persuaded the city not to impose unnecessary vehicle turning restrictions which would have inhibited access to Smithfield meat market.

I have also been involved with wider public policy issues in the City which are of relevance to our ward: such as lobbying and recruiting the City in support of the publicly funded bar; fighting for London’s role as a centre for international mediation and arbitration; and fighting to protect the independence of the judiciary.

I care passionately about our area and will work night and day to ensure its voice is heard at Guildhall and beyond.

In recent years, voter turn-out for the Ward of Farringdon Without has been low at 10%, there are no doubt good reasons for this.  We are busy people I do hope you will vote for me in the forthcoming election but above all I would encourage all those who possess the right to vote to exercise it on Wednesday 8 February. You may find it more convenient to get a postal vote, which can be obtained by filling in the form on the City of London website:  The deadline for applying for postal vote for the Aldermanic election is 5pm on Tuesday 24 January 2017. Should you have any questions about this election, our Ward, or the City more generally, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yours ever,



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