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Farringdon Without Equal

Gregory Jones QC, Common Councilman

Based on an article originally published in December’s edition of the Smithfield Gazette


There are 25 wards in the City of London but what makes our ward so special? Farringdon Without has many undoubted qualities but for me it’s the fact that it contains so many historic trades which still thrive. Our ward is the largest in the City and includes occupations ranging from ground breaking doctors in the world-famous St Barts. Hospital to the traders of the silver vaults below the streets of Chancery Lane. Sadly, the last two journalists working in Fleet Street moved out over the summer, but the offices opened by Winston Churchill of D. C. Thomson & Co the publishers of The Beano remains very active on Fleet Street. Originally, in the middle-ages both lawyers and butchers were cheek to cheek working along the old Fleet Street before the Smithfield Meat market was established. But happily, we have remained in the same ward.

These trades form the bedrock upon which this great City was built. Known sometimes as the ward of the “Butchers and Barristers”, these two occupations have more in common than one might think.  The death of the bar and the closure of the City meat markets have both been frequently predicted by some.  However, by employing innovation and flexibility these old professions have survived and prospered.

Located on the edge of the City outside the old city walls (hence the name “Without” meaning “outside”) those working in Farringdon Without have, I think, always had an open mind. The Bar and meat trade have prospered because we have embraced not only the international market place but also the regional and national ones too.   Some would also say that both the law and butchery are a bloody business. I could not possibly comment, but as  barrister myself I do have two cousins who are qualified master butchers so it may be in the blood after all.

But at the heart of why we are successful is a belief in quality of service arising from investment in training and education. The new Lord Mayor, Dr Andrew Parmley, has put quality apprenticeships at the forefront of his year. Pupillages in the Temple and apprenticeships in Smithfield are centuries old. We can offer the Lord Mayor much by way of example. The headquarters of the City and Guilds is in the ward nearby Smithfield market.

We also have the highest number of ward Councilman who actually work in the ward they represent. That is very important. We have a close feeling on what really matters for the residents and workers of the ward. Most recently we saw the benefits of this in action with the battle to stop the City restricting the Tudor street entrance to the Temple. The barristers and judges of the Temple were very grateful to the ward members from Smithfield who supported the Temple in its successful battle over Tudor Street. As Churchill quipped, “we must all hang together, or we’ll all hang alone.” May all trades ancient and modern continue to thrive together in the ward!     


Wishing a Happy Christmas to everyone in the Ward of Farringdon Without

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