December Newsletter 2016

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December 2016




The City of London Corporation is reviewing the its Local Plan, which sets out the Corporation’s vision, strategy and objectives for planning for the next 20 years, together with policies that will guide future decisions on planning applications. This review therefore has the potential to impact on everyone who lives and works in the Square Mile.

The first stage of the review is a public consultation seeking views on key issues, such as:

  • How do we provide new, more flexible office floorspace, within an attractive built environment?
  • How much housing should be provided in the City and where?
  • Are more hotels needed to maintain and enhance the City as an important cultural centre?
  • How should we manage, improve or change the City’s transport, IT, and utility infrastructure?
  • How do we meet the needs of the future City while preserving and celebrating important parts of its heritage?
  • How can we deliver more and improved open spaces, greener streets and roof gardens?
  • What should the City look and feel like in 2036?This consultation ends on 2 December, but your Ward representatives on the City’s Planning & Transportation Committee, Greg Jones QC and Paul Martinelli, would be happy to hear your views and input them directly into the policy discussions at the committee. Email them on: or


After concerns expressed by Temple residents, chambers, and the Inns themselves, Farringdon Without’s Ward representatives led the charge to overturn a Sub-Committee decision to close the junction of Tudor Street and New Bridge Street.

Using a little known procedural provision, Ward councillor Edward Lord, supported by Greg Jones, Wendy Mead, Emma Price, and Paul Martinelli, moved that the decision be reversed by the full Common Council due to insufficient consultation and failure to consider the impact of the closure.


Since then, Greg Jones, now a member of the City’s Streets & Walkways Sub-Committee, has been working with colleagues to find a long-term solution. Recently, the Sub-Committee Chairman, Chris Hayward, announced that agreement in principle had been reached between Transport for London, the Inns and the City to change the new arrangements so that in future the vehicles would be able to egress from Tudor Street controlled by traffic lights turning left and right onto New Bridge Street.  Bridewell Place is to be returned to one way with ingress from New Bridge Street.


Oliver Sells QC, a bencher and resident of the Inner Temple welcomed the progress, saying that “this represents a great victory for the Ward and the Temple.”



Many constituents have raised a concern about the City losing its premier internal arbitration status to rivals across the world.   Greg Jones is planning to set up a working party to advise the City Corporation on what can be done to promote this aspect of the City.  Contact Greg if you have views or wish to participate.


Longstanding Farringdon Without Ward councillor and former City Sheriff, Wendy Mead OBE, has been elected to serve as Chief Commoner for 2017-18, an office first established in 1444.

‘The Chief’ is the highest civic office to which a Common Councilman can be elected and is regarded as the conscience of the Court of Common Council, as well as being responsible for overseeing many of the City’s ceremonial and hospitality responsibilities.


Wendy was first elected to the City Corporation in 1997, having led the campaign to save St Bartholomew’s Hospital. She is currently chairman of the Port Health & Environmental Services Committee and the Health & Social Care Scrutiny Committee. She also serves on the powerful Policy & Resources Committee and the Boards of the Barbican Centre and City Bridge Trust.




Recent consultation on proposed works to narrow parts of Fleet Street caused deep consternation to local traders, barristers’ chambers, and the Inns. Greg Jones raised these concerns with the Chairman of the City’s Planning Committee and, as matters currently stand, the proposals are now not going forward.




If there’s one thing most of us think we know about the Freedom of the City of London it the right to drive sheep across London Bridge. It’s not quite true, but all freeman can partake in a charity sheep drive organized by the Worshipful Company of Woolmen. This year ex-Formula 1 champion Nigel Mansell CBE led the sheep drive, followed by 600 other freemen of the City.



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