I am a barrister in full time practice at the bar at Francis Taylor Building Temple  Since 2013 I have been one of the elected common councilman (independent) of  Farringdon Without – a ward which take in the Temple.  My ward updates are on my Common Councilman web site gregoryjonescc.net – google ‘gregoryjonescc’  I campaigned in 2013 on the basis that it’s important to have representation by those who work in the ward they represent.  Emma Price CC is our other practicing barrister in the ward.   This Barristers’ update is in hard copy because the news relates to matters which I know have been a source of great concern to workers and residents in the Temple.


Many will be aware of the difficulties caused by Tudor Street – New Bridge Street junction created by TFL for the “cycle super highway”.  Earlier this year I helped lead a campaign on behalf of the Temple and other road users including cyclists to return the current arrangements.  With the support of other common councilman, including our colleagues from Smithfield (Paul Martinelli, George Abrahams, John Absalom Greg Lawrence) and Barts (Wendy Mead) to get the whole of Common Council to overturn a City resolution support TFL.  This had never been done before. We used a measure inserted by Edward Lord CC.  As part of this work I have been elected to the streets and highways committee.  This week the committee Chair announced that agreement in principle had been reached with TFL, the Inns and the City so that the vehicles would be able to egress from Tudor Street controlled by traffic lights turning left and right onto New Bridge Street.  Bridewell Street is to be returned to one way with ingress.  Oliver Sells QC of the Inner Temple Estates’ Committee has welcomed the progress but we all agree there are still issues that need to be overcome but this progress represent a great victory for the ward.  It is critical that users of “cycle super highway” as well as pedestrian are safe. We are currently considering ways in which to reduce pollution and make getting across the City cleaner and more accessible to all.  Suggestions are always welcome!


Following the consultation on proposed City works to narrow Fleet Street, there was real concern expressed by traders, barristers’ chambers and Middle Temple, in particular, about possible impacts.  I have raised these concerns with the chair of planning and I am pleased to say as matters stands these proposals are not currently being progressed. 


Barristers are very busy.  Those in chambers within the City do however get a vote and a voice in the City elections.  We were able to use that voice over Tudor Street and Fleet Street.  There will be other issues that concern the well brings of the Bar. It is a good idea to register with the city for as postal vote see


Gregory Jones QC, Francis Taylor Building, Temple 0207 353 8415 or gregpjones@btopenworld.com

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